Class on the River

As Bucknell welcomes students to campus this month, Stories of the Susquehanna associated faculty and staff will be teaching courses related to SSV, while they mentor student researchers on special projects.

Katie Faull (Comparative Humanities) is teaching a new course, HUMN 100, “Digging into the Digital” in which her students will engage in research-based learning focusing on the Shamokin Moravian Diaries using the latest Digital Humanities tools and approaches. She will also be working with Henry Stann ’17 and Alexa Gorski ’17 as they continue to map the West Branch and experiment with new forms of visualization and augmented reality.

Alf Siewers (English) is leading a group of students as they complete work on a documentary on Joseph Priestley and French Azilum.

Next spring Faull and Siewers will teach an Integrated Perspectives course entitled “Digitizing the River,” a completely redesigned course based on Susquehanna Country

Take a look back at previous curricular work associated with SSV:

Also, here’s a peak at the kind of unique experience students enjoy in SSV-related courses.

Video produced by Bucknell Video Specialist Brianna Derr

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