The Coopers and the Headwaters

JamesFCooper susan_cooperJames Fenimore Cooper and Susan Fenimore Cooper established a distinctive two-generation reflection on the landscape and environment of the Susquehanna Headwaters, and also helped define American views of nature there from a conservation standpoint different from the more laboratory/scientific perspective of the older Cooper’s contemporary Joseph Priestley. Bucknell students and faculty, led by Prof. Alfred K. Siewers, have been documenting the legacy and landscapes¬†of the Coopers in video interviews and maps, in partnership with scholars at other institutions, and with the Stories of the Susquehanna Valley natural history project. Below is a map by Sam Lauer ’13 showing locations around the Susquehanna Headwaters referenced in Susan Fenimore Cooper’s writings.

Interviews by Abi Mills ’13 and Sam Lauer ’13 below:

Susquehanna Country and Bucknell Environmental College students at the Headwaters and the Onondaga Nation, by Brianna Derr: